Confronting the Demon

Confronting the Demon

For Alloran, who practised the fine art of frivolity for decades, life just got serious.

For lovers of Jacqueline Carey, Brent Weeks and Storm Constantine - fantasy with mystery, romance and a paranormal twist

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About the Book

Framed for the heinous crime of demon summoning, Alloran is forced to flee his comfortable life of silk sheets and nightly carousing in the wizard’s citadel for the stinking back-alleys of the city of Ehsan.

There he poses as a common labourer to hide from his lover, his best friend and the wizarding authorities. But beneath the garbage of the backstreets he discovers a new horror: a trail of gruesome bodies, gnawed on by hellcats, and left gift-wrapped for him to find with taunting ‘love notes’ attached. Someone is brutally murdering people from Alloran’s past and threatening all those close to him.

As the body count rises, Alloran must confront his personal demons and risk losing himself to a powerful addiction in order to expose the true villain. Failure means the destruction of the city at the hands of the deadliest demon to inhabit any of the seven hells – or worse, Alloran himself.

Also including bonus story ‘A Magical Melody’.

Who stole a lethal song of power from a locked and warded room, and why? The answers will change Avram’s life forever.

Series: The Seven Circles of Hell, Book 1
Genres: Fantasy, Mystery
Publisher: C.J Ballintyne
Publication Year: 2013
Length: Novella
List Price: 2.51
eBook Price: 5.99
" and enthralling. I was amazed by how swiftly I got caught up in Alloran's situation... Ballintyne's work shows flashes of inspiration from Robert H. Howard's sword and sorcery stories.... an accomplished and impressive debut offering, it is most highly recommended."
– Reader's Favorite
"Ballintyne is a masterful storyteller who manages to get you caught up in the book almost instantaneously."
– Tracy Riva, Global eBook Awards Judge
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